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Sheroza Manzil


AA. Ukulhas




308 SQM


Architectural Design & Detailing

A cozy four story guesthouse with twenty rooms having plenty of amenities for the guests. The rooms are arranged around a corner open air courtyard and has an existing beautiful breadfruit tree. The tree provides plentiful shade to the common areas and prevents direct sunlight from the east side into the corridor and the rooms. The design respects two additional palm trees in the site which adds to the natural ambiance of the building.

The common spaces such as the cafe, lobby and public open spaces are located on the ground floor and the terrace while the rooms are arranged throughout to ensure adequate privacy and comfort for the occupants. With strategically placed windows, all the rooms have access to daylight as well as natural ventilation to ensure a pleasant indoor environment.

The design uses timber and plaster with a white finish to give a light and natural feel to the building while blending with the environment and creating an open and inviting feel.

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